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When you first moved into your new home, you saw a space where everything sparkled like new and was full of unique possibilities. Now, your home feels completely lived in, and with that comes some areas that have seen better days.

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For instance, your garage has become your go-to place to store junk and items that otherwise don’t have a home. As it has capably held your prized (and not so prized) possessions, it may have lost some of its luster. Luckily, our garage floor coating company in Cleveland, OH, can breathe new life into your garage’s appearance and get it ready for a new lease on life. 

Our garage coating service can remove any stains and cracks left behind by constant foot traffic, vehicles, and the harsh Ohio weather. You’ll come away with a newly rejuvenated garage floor that shines like new and can withstand the constant rigors of your life. Within one day, our garage floor coating contractors and service will completely transform your garage into a space that will have everyone talking. 

We proudly served the following locations in OH:

  • Geauga County
  • Medina County
  • Summit County
  • Portage County

For a garage floor that exceeds your wildest expectations, turn to Garage Kings. We’re leaps beyond the average garage floor coating companies in the area because we pour our everything into your home — just like you.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Pam V.
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WOW, WOW, WOW!! This had to be one of the most pleasant home improvement projects we have ever had done. Communication to prepare for the project was excellent. The installers were professional, polite and neat! We would not hesitate to recommend Garage Kings! We never thought we would be this excited about our new garage floor 🙂

Kurt K.
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I just want to express how happy we are with the garage floor. Colton is a tremendous asset to your company. He explains everything very well, he is honest , dependable, and very much a gentleman! We truly do have a few neighbors who told us to let them know when they can come see the finished product. I would recommend Garage Kings to anyone!

Bonnie S.
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The crew arrived on time. The guys were very courteous and respectful of our home. They were focused on the job and explained the process and made sure we had our questions answered. They were neat and cleaned up the worksite and offered to replace a heavy item into the garage when the flooring dried. The price was reasonable for the work done.

Maisie B.
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I got my basement floor done a few weeks ago and it turned out beautiful. Mark from Garage Kings is a great guy who does wonderful work. Could not have asked for a better experience!! Would highly recommend to someone who’s looking to redo a basement/garage.

Amber D.
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We absolutely LOVE our new Garage Floor!! Such a clean-cut and helpful crew. We were wanting to find a company that we wouldn’t feel uncomfortable to bring into our home, and we found the right company here. GREAT quality work, and very professional.

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Discover the Trusted Process From Our Polyaspartic Installers in Cleveland, OH, & the Surrounding Areas

Is your garage floor starting to show its age? If it’s dirty, stained, and unsightly, our garage floor specialists are here to help! Our coating systems transform ugly floors into beautiful works of art. Each polyaspartic floor is tough, durable, and long-lasting. Long after our garage floor coating company completes your project in Cleveland, OH, your garage floor will shine while needing minimal maintenance. 

Calling us an epoxy flooring company wouldn’t be accurate since we do so much more. We’ve spent years building trust as one of the top garage floor coating companies you can turn to for installing a new flooring system. We give you various options and color palettes, including flake coatings. No matter your style, we have a solution that’s right for you. 

Want to know how we’ll install your new flooring for garages? We’ve perfected our process to ensure each customer receives a durable and smooth surface. Check out the steps our installers follow below:
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Proudly Serving The Cleveland Area
  • Akron
  • Aurora
  • Cleveland
  • Cuyahoga Falls
  • Elyria
  • Kent
  • Lorain
  • Mentor
  • Middlefield
  • Norwalk
  • Sandusky
  • Solon
  • Strongsville
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Unmatched, Commercial-Grade Materials

We have three professional flooring options that are designed to fit your space and budget.


6-Coat Floor

4-Coat Floor
3-Coat Floor
1. Prepare and Repair
2. Premium Pigmented Base Coat
3. High-Quality Vinyl Flakes
4. Clear Receiver Coat
5. Second Layer of High Quality Vinyl Flakes
6. Industrial-Grade Top Coat
7. Second Coat of Industrial-Grade Top Coat

Signature Blends

Choose from one of our signature flake blends.
With superior scratch and wear resistance, the texture and pattern of our flake floor make it
the perfect choice for keeping your floor looking its best for years to come.
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The Benefits of Our Garage Floor Coverings

Whether you’ve built a new addition or looking to spruce up an old concrete surface, a garage floor coating can prove just what your home needs. Our coatings can preserve and protect your floor from harsh impacts and provide an attractive finish that elevates your entire space. 

Want to see if this coating is right for your home?

Check out the top benefits of garage floor coverings here:

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  • Incredible Durability: Garage floor covering companies are some of the most sought-after services in Cleveland, OH, because of the durable coatings they install. Polyaspartic flooring features chemical resistance that helps protect against the effects of motor oil, gas, bleach, gear oil, and more. The coatings are also thick and hard, helping protect it from scratches and scuff marks from the most commonly used garage tools, equipment, and impacts. 
  • Aesthetically Beautiful: A garage floor coating helps give homeowners the aesthetically pleasing garage floor they never thought possible. We offer various vinyl flake options that can create a wholly unique coating that matches your exact design preferences. Whether you prefer multiple or single color options, our garage coating services help make your vision a reality. 
  • Simplified Maintenance: With a polyaspartic coating, you don’t need extensive cleaning routines. With this flooring choice for garages, simply hose off the floor, or utilize a gentle degreaser, warm water, and a mop to keep it looking its best.
  • Environmentally Friendly: More people want eco-friendly options for their home’s various needs. Polyaspartic coatings don’t require many materials or machines to install and last for several years. This leads to less waste making its way to your local landfill. For a greener flooring option, check out our garage flooring company in Cleveland, OH.

Signs It’s Time to Hire a Garage Coating Company for Your Cleveland, OH, Home

No matter if you only use your garage to park your car or have it decked out as your home away from home, it’s important to take care of every aspect of your space — especially the floors. Stay ahead of normal wear and tear and prevent more serious damage with the help of our garage floor coating contractors and service in Cleveland, OH, and the surrounding areas. If you’ve noticed your floors starting to crack or break down, applying the new coat should jump to the top of your priority list. 

Here are some of the signs you should look out for:

  • Cracks in Your Garage Floor: Concrete will naturally expand and contract as the temperatures change with the seasons. However, this will lead to cracks forming over time that can prove more serious if left unchecked. Restoring your garage floor to its former condition and preventing further damage requires contacting a professional garage floor coating company straight away. 
  • Large Uncleanable Stains on the Floor: With oil, water, dirt, and paint commonly found in your garage, these substances can do a number on your existing floor. Fortunately, our garage floor specialists can apply a coat that covers the existing stains and prevent further ones from ruining your pristine floor. 
  • The Previous Coat Started Peeling: Have you put your hard-earned money into redoing your garage floor but have already started seeing it peel away? When you work with other garage resurfacing companies, this can often be a common problem. Instead of dealing with the hassle of redoing bubbling or peeling floors, get it done right the first time with Garage King’s proven coating process! We methodically lay new garage floor coatings with the best materials in the industry to ensure they last for years to come. 

If you’ve encountered any of these issues, reach out to the top garage floor company in Geauga County, Medina County, Summit County, and Portage County, OH. We’ll work tirelessly to prevent future damage to one of the most important rooms in your home. 

Going the Extra Mile With Our Scratch-Resistant Garage Floor Service

Garage floors can take quite a beating over the course of a day. They can encounter hot car tires, scraped by plastic toys, dented by your weight lifting equipment, or even damaged by falling gardening tools. All this can make your garage floors look like they’ve seen better days. You might think a garage epoxy service may get the job done — but think again. Fortunately, our garage floor coating company in Cleveland, OH, has the perfect solution for your home — polyaspartic coatings!

These floor coatings can transform your garage into a more liveable space. As soon as we apply the coating, you’ll want to utilize your garage in new and exciting ways — whether, workshop, laundry room, or home gym, the options are endless! With a polyaspartic coating, you’ll have one of the most popular options among the top garage floor coating companies. With its quick curing time and extreme durability, you’ll get your space back in better condition before you know it. Once your scratch-resistant garage floor service is completed, the floor will be fully cured and ready for foot traffic in 24 hours and your cars in 72. 

Want to know some of the other reasons why homeowners have south “polyaspartic garage floor installers near me” in Cleveland and the surrounding areas? Check out the following benefits:

  • Enhanced UV stability (say goodbye to yellowed floors!)
  • Crystal clear finishes
  • Increased moisture resistance
  • Additional chemical and stain resistance
  • Improved heat tolerance
  • Low to no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

When you need to protect your garage from scratches and make it aesthetically pleasing at the same time, our scratch-resistant garage floor service is ready to help!

What to Look for in Garage Floor Coating Companies in Cleveland, OH, & the Surrounding Areas

You never want to hand over your home to any of the average garage floor sealing companies. You want to get the best treatments possible by choosing a company that specializes in and offers premium coating services to its customers. Our technicians understand the coating process can prove tricky and requires years of training to become experts. To best protect yourself — and your garage — from catastrophe, discover what it takes to become one of the top garage floor covering companies in Cleveland, OH, and beyond:

  • Years of Experience & Glowing Reviews: Make sure you do your research before reaching out to a garage floor coating company in Cleveland, OH. Check out online resources to learn everything you can about the company. Check for customer reviews, testimonials, credentials, and awards. 
  • License & Insurance: When searching for “polyaspartic garage floor installers near me,” you want to find companies with proper insurance. Garage Kings is fully insured, so you can feel confident that we’ll take full responsibility for any potential damages and mishaps. 
  • Costs & Materials: With garage floor coverings, you never want to choose the cheapest option. Achieving the best results means picking a company that features high-quality materials and showcases where your hard-earned money goes into the project. 

Now that it’s time to renovate your space, our garage flooring company stands ready to help. We’ll breathe new life into your floors with the best materials on the market and with laser-focused precision. 

Turn to the Best Garage Floor Coating Company in Cleveland, OH, & the Surrounding Areas Today!

Your garage doesn’t have to become your personal island of miscellaneous stuff, and you don’t have to shudder at the thought of anyone else seeing it. With our help, it can become one of the featured rooms of your home with a simple upgrade — a polyaspartic coating from the top garage floor company in Cleveland, Geauga County, Medina County, Summit County, and Portage County, OH. We’ll improve your garage’s beauty and overall durability with our top-rated products and seamless installation process. We can even transform your other well-traveled living spaces with the help of our basement floor coverings and patio coating services!

Want to learn more about our garage floor services? Contact one of our specialists today!