Garage Floor Coatings

This is Our Story. What’s Yours?

Have you ever had a dream that was bigger than you?

Something that kept you awake at night thinking up new ways to make things happen?

That’s the story of Garage Kings.

Jamie Seamans and Tim Frazer, Garage Kings

Small town. Big Dream.

We started this business in a small town. A basement with a pallet of product, no concrete experience, and a dream to have a successful business. Playing with epoxy coatings on wood just to see what would happen.

We’ve travelled extensively to learn from the very best our industry has to offer.

We were mentored in the decorative arts by people like David, who painted Princess Diana’s bedroom at the US Embassy in the 90’s. Like Ygor, who’s epoxy resin art has been on TV and is loved by clients around the world.

Now we get invited to help train others. Making their lives easier, helping them overcome the challenges quicker and with a much less costly learning curve.

We Love the Floor Coating Business!

Non Stop Learning.

This road has been quite the adventure for us, getting mentored in business by folks that have built big businesses that really help people. That’s been our goal: To make our client’s lives easier any way we can. We learned how to run our market really well, developed the systems and people we need to grow, and then started helping others do the same.

Now, we are growing a network of trained epoxy flooring installers across North America, teaching seminars, and helping others grow their floor coating businesses, and we love every minute of it.

We created a better way to run a Garage Floor Coating business, and that means a better and more consistent experience for you the client.

You will love your floor, and our people will love working for you.

It's About Mastering Garage Floor Coatings

Master one thing.

There are tons of aspects to the decorative floor coating industry. Garage Kings is about doing one thing and doing it really well. Our mission is to master garage floor coatings, epoxy coatings, epoxy prep, polyaspartic flake floor coatings, and decorative metallic or ‘marbled’ floor coatings. That’s it. It is the focus on mastering the floor coating speciality that is enabling the company’s rapid growth.

Garage Kings is About Great Floor Coating Installers

It’s about people that actually like installing floor coatings.

Do you love what you do?

Jamie Seamans & Tim Frazer created Garage Kings so they could build a network of people that love what they do. Like-minded people that stand behind their work and put their all into it every single day are joining our tribe, and we are reaching more of North America than ever before.


If you’re the type of person that love what you do every day, you can tell the difference.

The difference between when someone is just punching in and punching out.

Or when they are truly genuinely passionate about what they do every single day.

All other things being equal, you want someone working on your project that genuinely loves their work. You know you’ll get a better result. You’ll have a better experience. You’ll love your floor more.

Garage Kings is creating the best garage floor coating experience in North America. Their network of skilled independent installers is rapidly expanding and it’s because of great people who actually love showing up to work on projects every single day.

Garage Kings is About Keeping Floor Coatings Simple

Floor coatings don’t have to be complicated!

If you’ve been browsing through Google and Youtube on your quest to learn about garage floor coatings, you can see there are a ton of options.

Do-it-yourself kits, various epoxy and urethane products. Different advice on how to properly prepare a concrete floor for a coating that will last. You can even find Jay Leno talking about his epoxy floor.

So how do you know what will work the best?

At Garage Kings, we believe we can make your life easier if we keep floor coatings simple:

  1. Prepping concrete using dust-controlled diamond grinding equipment.
  2. Keeping job sites as tidy as possible.
  3. Simple color choices that work with any decor.
  4. Simple coating systems that are overkill for any garage and designed to last for years.
  5. Simple guarantees that protect you against your floor coating doing something it shouldn’t.

Want Garage Kings to Install Your Floor Coating?

Getting a floor coating you love doesn’t have to be a hassle.

If you’ve read this far, you probably already decided you want a beautiful floor coating installed as soon as possible!

Give us a buzz, and we’ll get you connected with someone in your area who can give you floor you love and help make your life a little easier.

Want to Grow Your Floor Coating Business with Garage Kings?

Want an Unfair Advantage in your Floor Coating Business?

We are always on the hunt for people that love what they do, and are ready to work hard and stand behind their work. Is that you?

Plug into proven systems to get jobs and create clients who are raving fans.

There isn’t a better feeling than walking away from a happy client and heading to the next one.

If you think you want to work with us, we’ve got a simple program that will help you get what you want out of your floor coating business. Drop us a line right now.

Get inspired

Maybe you can tell, Garage Kings is about more than floor coatings for us. It is our way of life. How we improve ourselves and help others improve. It is our focus, and we are constantly inspired by what we see our people start to achieve.

If you never buy a Garage Kings floor coating or join us in our mission, we hope you get inspired to improve yourself and help others grow. Go make a difference for someone.

Garage Kings.