Solid Epoxy Flooring by Garage Kings

Like to keep things simple?

Welcome to the traditional solid epoxy floor coating, one of our 3 simple coating options.

For a floor that is easy to clean, has great anti-slip traction, AND is easy on the budget, choose the Solid Epoxy Floor by Garage Kings.

This coating is perfectly suited for interior industrial and commercial use, making it awesome for your garage floor.

This flooring option is regularly installed in garages, basements, warehouses, storage rooms, electrical rooms, and more. It is suitable for any interior space where cleanliness and durability is important to you.

It is the most budget-friendly option.

Benefits of the Solid Epoxy Floor by Garage Kings

  • Stop tracking dust from the garage into the house
  • Stop struggling to clean oil and rust spots from the floor
  • Reduce humidity due to the concrete holding moisture
  • Looks great
  • Easy on the budget
  • Guaranteed not to peel for 9 years

The Products

Want your floor to last?

Make sure you know what products are being used for your installation, and how much.

The Solid Epoxy option by Garage Kings includes two coats of 100% Solids Epoxy. This is a high-build epoxy that has self-leveling properties. Everyone wants to make the claim that their products are the best. We say our products are great and designed to last, so you can focus on bigger things than your floor.

The Installation Process

When you select a solid epoxy floor by Garage Kings, you get a predictable process designed to create a consistent result:

Surface Preparation

It’s the same in every trade. 90% of a great job is the stuff you don’t see when it’s finished. The painstaking, detail oriented prep work. Have you ever seen a great paint job spoiled by shoddy drywall work?

When you choose a Solid Epoxy Floor by Garage Kings, you get detailed surface preparation depending on the scope of your project. Every concrete floor must be diamond grinded to open the pores in the surface to accept a coating. This allows the first coat of epoxy to penetrate deep into the concrete and ensures a lasting finish.

Crack Bridging and Concrete Repairs

While the concrete surface is being prepared, you will see the extent of any cracks or damage in the concrete. We typically include up to an hour of crack repairs in our standard floor install. That’s enough to fill minor hairline cracks.

If there is more significant damage or pitting, you can choose to have that repaired as well. Control joints can be filled to create a more seamless floor system.

We are often asked about correcting water flow and pooling, which is not a service we offer.

Prime Coat

High build epoxy is 2 components – it must be mixed to start the curing process, which is a chemical reaction. Once the reaction starts, it is a matter of time before the material hardens fully. It must be applied quickly, using rubber squeegees, oversized rollers and spiked shoes to move over the floor.

The first coat of epoxy goes down super thin to help it go deeper into the concrete.

Main Coat

The main coat is applied after the prime coat cures. It is typically applied at twice the thickness of the first coat. This gives your floor the substance necessary for long term use.

Anti-slip can be added to the prime coat and the main coat to create a floor surface for great traction that is still easy to clean.

Why is My Epoxy Floor Peeling?

It is incredibly disappointing to see a new epoxy floor start to peel or wear through.

We regularly get calls from clients looking to repair a failing floor installed themselves or by a non-specialized contractor. We always do our best to help.

The fact is that a peeling floor can only be corrected by removing or grinding off the coating, and starting the process properly from scratch.

There are two main reasons a floor coating may fail and begin peeling.

1.Improper surface prep

Having the proper dust-controlled diamond grinding equipment makes surface preparation WAY easier. Non-specialized contractors or homeowners installing themselves typically use a citrus or acid etch, which is not sufficient to create a long term result.

2.Insufficient product

Once the concrete has been properly diamond grinded or shot blasted, it’s critical to make sure a complete floor coating system is installed. If the installer is only recommending one coat of product, it is unlikely to last. Thinner coatings will wear through to concrete.

The Solid Epoxy Floor by Garage Kings includes a prime coat at approximately 160 square feet per gallon of product, AND a main coat at approximately 100 square feet per gallon. This system will hold up to forklift and commercial traffic, and is overkill for a residential garage.

When can I start using my floor again?

Epoxy becomes harder over time as it cures. The amount of cure time needed is affected by the temperature of the concrete slab and humidity.

You can typically walk on your new floor coating after about 24 hours, and drive on it after about 72 hours.

If you need to return your space to service faster, check out our Signature Polyaspartic Flake Floor for a floor coating that can be used fully the day after it is installed.