Decorative Marbled Epoxy Floor

Want something no one else has?

Are you inspired to have a floor that is uniquely you?

The Marbled Epoxy Floor by Garage Kings uses high build metallic epoxy and advanced methods to create an artistic floor that is truly one-of-a-kind. This means your home or business flooring can truly speak your language.

Multiple colors and effects can be combined to create a stunning, seamless floor.

Decorative Marbled Epoxy Flooring Examples

The point of the projects we are highlighting here is to show you the design potential you can access when you choose a Decorative Marbled Epoxy Floor by Garage Kings. As you plan for your own project, keep in mind what effects or colors you like, and what you don’t like. Because every floor is custom and unique, the more you can tell us in the design phase, the more you will love the result!

Ruby Metallic Rec Room Floor

This client built his own home himself from the ground up. He hired only two contractors to bring the extra personal touch he wanted in his new forever home. Garage Kings installed this gorgeous ruby metallic floor in his rec room. He tied the whole room together with black leather furniture, a mahogany pool table and custom bar. Spectacular!

Busy Tattoo Parlor: Busy Black and White Marble

This epoxy floor was installed as a surprise while the tattoo artist was away on vacation. In the right light, you can see silver glitter creating an extra sparkle to this intense design. He came back to work the next week expecting the bland, boring concrete floor he was accustomed to. Now his floor inspires his art!

Kitchen: White Marble

This white marble epoxy floor was installed in a client’s kitchen as part of a larger renovation project. A white base with subtle grey marbling effects, this design was created with solid pigments, rather than metallic, to keep things simple.

Silver Metallic Garage Floor

Like simple with a little something?

This garage floor is a one-tone marbled epoxy floor using a metallic silver tint. The marbling you see in the design is what these metallic pigments do naturally. In garages, ask about adding an additional clear coat with anti-slip grit for safety.

Grey Marbled Basement Floor in Modern Home

This project was a fun one! These clients building their forever home knew they wanted something different for their basement floor. Their master bedroom and office are both located in this walk-out basement.

They looked at grey marbled effects all day, and then saw a sample board we had created for fun with a hint of blue and purple (look really closely at the picture!). That’s what clinched the final design for them – an elegant grey marble with subtle blue and purple tones. The final touch was a matte finish.


The products used for these stunning marbled floors enable the magic you see.

100% solids, high-build epoxy can applied thick, so the floor can floor and marble naturally, blending colors and effects in a completely unique pattern.

The same metallic pigments used in the cosmetic industry can be custom blended into the epoxy, creating brilliant effects, even with only one color.

The Design Process

If you’ve ever purchased flooring before, you will quickly find that purchasing a decorative marbled epoxy floor is a unique process. Every project is unique, even if the exact same colors and techniques are used from another floor.

You will want to see pictures and colors galore, looking for the specific types of effects and marbling that inspires you.

At Garage Kings, our process is to show you colors and pictures of projects until we get to a common language for you. For example, “I like the grey and white tones on those two floors, but I like the more subtle marbling on that one.”

Once you understand what you are asking for, we are able to create a price that will work depending on the quantity of material and the complexity of the design work.

If you are inspired by the ideas you’ve seen, and the price fits your budget, you can book your floor, submit your refundable deposit, and we can start working on custom samples for your project. This is when you will see some of your ideas presented and get even more clear on what you like and what you don’t like.

Once you’ve settled on your look, then we book your install dates and go to work.

Floor Finish Options

Natural Epoxy Finish

Many clients opt for a natural epoxy finish, which is a stunning high-gloss glass finish. The natural details in the unique designs pop out and marble gradually as the floor is used.

Elegant Matte Sealer

If you prefer a low-gloss finish, simply choose to add an elegant matte sealer to your marbled epoxy masterpiece.

Before You Buy a Decorative Marbled Epoxy Floor

Want to be inspired by your marbled floor? Make sure you do a little homework before you hire a contractor to install this type of flooring for you. At Garage Kings, we are fortunate to be asked to train groups of contractors on the techniques and methods we use to create these stunning results, so you can be confident in the skill of our installers.

Make sure you see examples of your contractor’s own work before you pull the trigger. Every floor is unique, and so are the results every contractor can achieve.