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A person is holding multiple color swatches or sample books, displaying a variety of garage floor colors. There's a white coffee cup on a saucer, a pen, and a smartphone on the wooden table, with a laptop partially visible in the background.
Which Color Should You Choose for Your Polyaspartic Garage Floor?
Homeowners wanting to transform their garage into a space they always want to use must start by revitalizing their garage floor. While choosing a flooring surface that can withstand the rigors of your everyday life, you also need to consider the aesthetics of your new installation. Living with dull shades of gray can make the […]
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An empty garage with an epoxy-coated gray floor and walls equipped with shelves holding various items, including paint cans. On the floor are storage bins, a yellow container, and tools. The garage door is open, allowing sunlight to brighten the space.
Epoxy Vs. Polished Concrete Which Is Better for Your Garage Floor?
  Homeowners looking to breathe new life into their garage floors often have some options at their disposal. They want to find a epoxy flooring solution that makes the most sense for your home and will help elevate your space for the long term. People have flocked to two popular options: epoxy and polyaspartic garage […]
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A clean and organized garage interior with gray cabinets and a mini refrigerator under a wooden countertop. The polished concrete garage floor reflects light, potentially minimizing condensation causes. A white door with a red and brown striped mat is seen on the right side of the image.
There’s Condensation on My Garage Floor — What’s Going On?
  Oh no Condensation! Homeowners want predictability and reliability from their garage floors. They want a system that can withstand the rigors of their daily life and not give them cause to worry. So when you’re walking into your garage to get into your car and start your morning commute, the last thing you want […]
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boy cleaning floor
How to Keep Your Polyaspartic Garage Floor Clean
Polyaspartic garage floor coatings are growing in popularity every year for their durability, flawless finish, and easy maintenance. Speaking of cleaning regiments, homeowners who haven’t made the leap yet often ask our polyaspartic flooring specialists what it will take to keep their new floors clean and prevent anything from shortening the coating’s longevity. They’re always […]
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Black car in garage
Epoxy vs. Polyaspartic Floor Coatings — Which Is Best for Your Garage Floor?
Epoxy vs. polyaspartic floor coatings is one of those battles that will rage on for years to come. Whether you’re an avid user of your garage or not, protecting the concrete floor from damage is extremely important, and the best way to do so is with a coating. Both epoxy and polyaspartic come with their […]
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