Which Color Should You Choose for Your Polyaspartic Garage Floor?

Homeowners wanting to transform their garage into a space they always want to use must start by revitalizing their garage floor. While choosing a flooring surface that can withstand the rigors of your everyday life, you also need to consider the aesthetics of your new installation. Living with dull shades of gray can make the entire space dark and uninviting. However, one simple change can make a significant difference and revitalize your garage floor in no time — pick a different color!

When you get a polyaspartic garage floor installation from Garage Kings, you can pick vinyl flake combinations to bring color to your space. However, with so many options at your disposal, choosing the right color for your flooring can feel like a daunting task. So here are some helpful tips for deciding which color you should choose for your polyaspartic garage floor.

Decide on the Finish

Other garage flooring companies may provide splashy metallic coatings, but they could prove too distracting for how you want your space to function. So choosing a finish that compliments your garage and won’t prove overly distracting remains an essential component of your color choice for your new garage floor.

Keep Intended Use in Mind

One of the best parts of having a garage in your home is its versatility. It can function simply as a place to store your car or become your workshop, entertainment area, or any other potential use. Figuring out the ultimate purpose of your garage goes a long way toward deciding what kind of coating color you should choose.

If your garage functions solely as a place to store your car, choosing darker hues can help hide skid marks, dirt, and more that your tires can drag inside. If you envision your space with a more entertaining feeling in mind, lighter colors can help set the right mood and turn a dark room into something more lively.

Take Your Lighting Into Account

Every room in your house has light fixtures that impact everything from how well-lit a given space is to what kind of colors play best with the lighting. Understanding how your garage is lit and what light sources are available can help you decide on the perfect color for your garage floor. If your garage doesn’t have adequate lighting or not enough, a lighter color can help work wonders. Brighter hues can reflect light and enable better use of your available light sources, making your space feel brighter than it would otherwise.

On the other hand, if your garage has ample natural light that comes in throughout the day, overly bright and shiny colors can do more harm than good. These highly reflective surfaces can make your space too bright and overly unpleasant to walk into and spend much of your time in the area.

Choose a Color That Matches or Compliments Your Home

People want every inch of their home to look exactly how they envisioned it. They have a theme or color scheme they want to weave throughout their house that helps guests feel welcomed and tell a story. Thanks to our talented installers, you can extend those design sensibilities to your garage floor!

We can help you choose a vinyl flake color that fits seamlessly into your home’s overall design aesthetic and create a space that your visitors will love. We offer an array of vinyl flake color options for you to choose from.

Trust Garage Kings With Your Next Polyaspartic Garage Floor!

Investing in the utility and aesthetics of your garage floor is an integral part of maximizing your home’s potential. Garage Kings has locations across the country that have helped countless homeowners find the perfect color for their garage floors while getting them installed quickly and efficiently. We work with our clients to understand their needs and ensure they get the garage floor they have always wanted. Find a location near you and learn more about our garage floor coating and basement floor coating services today!