Three Ways You Can Reorganize Your Garage Workshop

Many homeowners take pride in taking better care and tinkering with different areas of their property. They have transformed their garage into a usable workshop where they can focus on crafting and creating new projects. However, if you haven’t taken the time to prioritize the area’s organization, you can be facing a battle of how to make the room more functional. Fortunately, Garage Kings has three helpful tips on transforming your garage workshop from a disorganized mess into a highly efficient space.

Install Garage Slat Walls

For many homeowners, the biggest challenge to organizing their garage and workspace revolves around figuring out where to put everything. While the garage remains one of the largest spaces in your home, you may not have as much functional storage space as you think. If you’re using the garage as both a workspace and an area to store your vehicles, the available area for storage and tools gets cut significantly. While you may not have the floor space to utilize, installing garage slat walls can help open up additional storage space.

Garage slat wall kits transform your underutilized walls by giving them more space to store tools, supplies, and equipment. These kits provide you with endless customization opportunities for storage and give you the best chance to organize your space as you see fit. Our customizable storage solutions provide you with everything you need to transform your garage workshop into a fully functional space.

Accessorize Properly

Now that you have your slat walls installed, you need to give it the right accessories to store everything you have. With everything from gardening equipment, bikes, power tools, and more competing for valuable real estate, adding necessary wall accessories can help you unlock the storage potential of your newly installed slat wall.

With garage slat accessories such as single hooks, double hooks, bike hooks, magnetic tool bars, wire shelves, and more, you can quickly customize your slat walls to meet your diverse needs. You can pick different accessories and ensure your slat wall is ready to handle whatever your workshop can throw your way.

Install Storage Cabinets

While taking advantage of your available wall space can help alleviate your storage woes, sometimes a well-made cabinet can prove just as valuable. Getting custom storage cabinets into your garage can help save valuable floor space and allow you to keep your supplies, tools, and more out of the way. These customizable cabinets give you every opportunity to transform your workspace into a multipurpose area where you can spend endless hours tinkering with your next project.

Trust Garage Kings With Your Garage Storage Needs

When you decide it’s time to upgrade your garage workspace’s storage space, finding the right company to give you the tools to upgrade your space fully becomes vital. Garage Kings has expanded beyond installing durable polyaspartic garage floor coatings into industry-leading garage storage solutions. Trust our team to transform your workspace into an organizational masterpiece that you can rely on to optimize your space. Contact your local Garage Kings location and schedule your first consultation today!

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