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At Garage Kings in Ogden, Utah, we are experts in garage flooring. We specialize in high-quality epoxy flooring, which boasts the durability to stand up to the harshest conditions that Ogden has to offer. We are so confident that our customers will be satisfied with the quality of our epoxy garage flooring that we are willing to offer warranties that last up to 21 years.

Garage Kings got its start in a small town in 2015. Thanks to our quality products and expert installation, we have expanded rapidly across North America. If you are in the market for a new garage floor, and you want to be sure to get quality and longevity (not to mention an attractive appearance), Garage Kings may be your best option in Ogden.

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Why choose Garage Kings for your garage floor project?

Garage floors take a beating. Your tires bring rocks, sand, dirt, and snow into the garage and then grind these materials into the flooring. Vehicles are also prone to leaking motor oil, coolant, and other fluids, which can easily stain the floor.

Most homeowners use their garage for more than protecting their cars from the elements. Garages are storage spaces for tools, bikes, and equipment and workspaces for home improvement projects and hobbies. You may use your garage as an additional place for entertainment or leisure. These spaces are more important and useful than you might realize, so investing in quality garage flooring is worthwhile.

Why do you need a garage floor coating? Uncoated garage floors are raw concrete, which is extremely porous. Cracks and chips expand quickly, and stains are almost impossible to clean once the liquid gets into the pores. An epoxy coating can create a seal over the floor that protects against stains and cracks.

DIY coatings are an economical option, but it can be difficult to apply the product successfully. Even if you able to apply the flooring and cure it correctly, how can you be sure that the product you chose can stand up to daily use and handle the seasons in Ogden year after year?

Garage Kings flooring experts can coat and cure your floor in one or two days. They ensure that the surface is level, apply your choice of coating, and guarantee complete coverage and proper curing. They will leave you with a new floor and a warranty for between 9 and 21 years. The length of the warranty depends on the type of product that you choose.

At Garage Kings in Ogden, we take pride in the quality of our work and the durability of our epoxy flooring products. You will take pride in your new floor as well. You will want to show off your clean, sleek coating to visitors, and you may even want to turn part of your garage into a leisure space, game area, or office.

Garage Kings offers 3 floor coating options

We have three floor-coating products, so our customers can find an option that best fits their needs and expectations.

Flake Floor

Our wildly popular stunning
signature floor covering

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Epoxy Floor

Classic, budget-friendly and amazingly durable.
What’s not to love?

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Decorative Marbled
Epoxy Floor

We use cutting-edge techniques to create this
beautiful and unique coating.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of epoxy flooring? Epoxy flooring is extremely durable. It can withstand car tires, foot traffic, dirt, and liquid spills. It is easy to maintain; you can clean it with a broom or mop just as you would clean other floors in your home. Our epoxy floors have a long lifespan and features such as anti-slip surfaces that provide superior traction.

Why would I choose a polyaspartic floor coating instead of 100% epoxy? Polyaspartic floor coatings have one major drawback: they are difficult to install. You need a professional to handle the process for you. On the other hand, polyaspartic coating colors do not fade, and they cure very rapidly. Furthermore, they are durable, easy to clean, and eye-catching.

How long will my floor last? The lifespan of your floor depends on the type of coating that you choose. Garage Kings floors last for at least 9 years, and our longest warranty is 21 years.

Should I get a DIY kit instead? An epoxy floor coating from Garage Kings is an investment. A do-it-yourself floor will not come with the same professional installation, warranty, or guarantees. Our installers repair cracks and chips before they apply the coating, so no cracks are going to reappear. In addition to buying a new garage floor from Garage Kings, you are buying peace of mind. You do not have to waste even a second thinking about repairing or recoating your garage floor in the near future.

Which coating is your most popular? Our Signature Polyaspartic Flake Floors are the most popular, and we recommend this product to all of our customers because of the combination of durability, attractiveness, and UV protection.

What special steps do I need to take to maintain my Garage Kings floor? Epoxy flooring is simple to maintain. You can use regular household cleaning supplies and equipment to clean the floor.

Should I fill cracks in my garage floor before I consider a new epoxy coating? Our installation technicians will fill cracks and pits for you before they apply the epoxy or polyaspartic coating. We use industrial-grade filler, so you can be sure that the cracks will not reappear later.

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