decorative epoxy flooring

What does it feel like to have a really unique floor in your home?

Are you building a new home?

Designer flooring has reached a new level. You can truly have what you want at a reasonable investment.

You can have an elegant, decorative floor finish for your entire home or condo. You’ll be able to create a custom look combining the exact colors you want for your individual taste and decor! Subtle and timeless. Bold and extravagant. Marbled or metallic epoxy techniques like these will surprise and delight you!

If you could have anything, what colors would you use for your decorative epoxy flooring?

Would you go with grey?

Or something brighter?

High contrast and bold? Or subtle, and smooth?

You can also add a sleek matte finish to your floor to give it that softer feel.

Basement Decorative Epoxy Flooring

Got a basement? Imagine a floor that looks amazing, is easy to clean AND doesn’t care if it floods!

Is your basement a living space or a storage space? Either way, there is a great flooring option here.

Go with a Signature Polyaspartic Flake Floor if you need a floor that can take a beating. Storage. A home gym floor coating. A family room.

Go with a decorative epoxy floor if your basement is more of a main living space. Rec room. Master bedroom, home office. A beautiful marbled epoxy floor could be your pride and joy in the basement!

Choose a Garage Kings floor coating for your basement, the only permanent basement floor solution.

A Few Examples of Decorative Epoxy Flooring in the Home

It’s the feeling you get when you come home that matters.

These beautiful floors were installed by our teams or our students from various epoxy workshops.

Installing Your Decorative Epoxy Floor in a New Home – the Process

So you’ve decided to do something different with your new floor. You will be glad you did! There is no feeling like having a floor that is uniquely you, a floor that fits you and fits your home. Now what? Here is the process we follow to get you from today to enjoying your beautiful floor:

Look through all our pictures and get inspired. The more you can tell us about what you like or don’t like the better.
Keep in mind, these floors are completely unique, and you’re looking for a feel rather than a specific print. Many many factors come into play when your floor is finally installed and it will have its own characteristic beauty in the design. That is part of the effect of the materials and processes used to create art on your floor.
Unlike a tile or wood floor where you can go to the store and look at specific samples for your floor, your installer will create custom samples for your project based on what they learn from your likes and dislikes. They typically collect a deposit before putting in the time to create these samples from scratch for you.
Once the look and feel of your floor as been captured, it’s time to move on to scheduling and get it done.
When it’s time to install your floor, it is important that no other trades are expecting to have access to the area as decorative floor coatings have a ‘cure’ time.
These floor systems are typically installed after drywall is completed and before baseboard trim is installed. Installing before cabinets are in place is ideal, and you can also install after cabinets are installed and before toe kicks are in.
The products used to create your floor are not like paint – they don’t dry. They are 2-part products that when mixed cause a chemical curing reaction. They harden. The curing process can take more or less time depending on the temperature of the surface – hotter = less time, cooler = more time.
Once your floor is complete, you’ll want to wait 24-72 hours before full traffic resumes. You will also want to make sure your contractor protects your floor before any other tradespeople go back to work in those areas. Just like they would with a brand new wood floor.
Time to enjoy showing off your new decorative epoxy floor to all your friends and neighbors!

Decorative Epoxy Floor Coatings Installed Over Plywood

Can your beautiful floors be installed over plywood?

We get asked this all the time. The short answer is yes.

Whether you are building new or renovating, your plywood subfloor is good enough for one of our floors if you could also install tile on it.

That means you can have beautiful, seamless floor installed by Garage Kings. Depending on how you want to use your space, choose a flake, solid epoxy, or decorative marbled epoxy floor.

In the storage areas, go with flake or solid. In the home gym, go with flake. In the garage, anything goes!

In your kitchen, washrooms, and other living areas, go with an elegant metallic epoxy floor or marbled floor.

Installing over Plywood – the Process

Before your decorative epoxy floor is installed over plywood, you’ll want to ensure a couple of details:

  • The plywood subfloor MUST be able to handle a tile floor.
  • The boards must be installed with the seams as tight as possible.
  • Any seams and screw holes will still need to be filled with an epoxy filler.

It typically takes an extra coat of high-build epoxy to install your floor over plywood due to the texture of the plywood.

Once any seams or holes have been filled, and one seal coat applied, the process continues just like over a concrete surface.

Installing your Decorative Floor over concrete

Building on a slab or doing a walkout basement floor?

Concrete is a great surface for decorative epoxy floors.

The process is simple:

  1. Diamond grind the entire surface with dust-controlled equipment. Giant vacuums are connected to the grinding gear.
  2. Take care of minor crack or divot repairs
  3. Install the decorative epoxy floor coating that you have chosen!
  4. Enjoy!

We hope this overview has been helpful.

Remember, you really can have what you want with a one-of-a-kind decorative epoxy floor in your home. Is it time to love the way you feel about your home?