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Most people come to Garage Kings wanting a floor coating that is durable, easy to clean, and looks amazing. Is that you?

Want to know how to beat the frustration of cleaning your garage floor?

Raw concrete is open. It breathes. Moisture, and odors are trapped inside, deteriorating the concrete slab and eroding the surface. Salt, rust, and oil cause pitting. Cracks are impossible to clean.

Dirty concrete sucks.

Flake Floor

Our wildly popular stunning
signature floor covering

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Epoxy Floor

Classic, budget-friendly and amazingly durable.
What’s not to love?

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Decorative Marbled
Epoxy Floor

We use cutting-edge techniques to create this
beautiful and unique coating.

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That’s why almost 5 years ago, we started looking for answers.

Do you have garage floor trouble in Louisville? There is an answer.

Permanent concrete floor coatings.

Done right, it’s like buying a bulletproof vest for your concrete floor. It’s a one time project that makes your floor super easy to clean, durable enough to handle heavy traffic, and best of all, looks fantastic!






The Process to Awesome Epoxy Floor Coatings


Epoxy and Polyaspartic coatings installed by an amateur will create a certain result. Here’s how you can tell when you’re dealing with a pro in Louisville:

  1. Proper Equipment for Concrete Preparation
  2. High-Grade Products for the Coating
  3. Specialized Know-How for Epoxy Flooring


Epoxy Floor FAQ’s

How long does it take to install my garage floor coating?

Many garage floor coating options can be completed in only a day or two. This depends on the options you select, the condition of the concrete, and other factors like temperature and humidity.

A good installer will keep you informed as the project moves forward.

My concrete has cracks or pits. Can they be repaired?

Minor cracks and pits are included in any floor coating project. They can be easily fixed using rapid cure repair compounds. More significant damage can also be repaired at an additional cost.

Can you remove my peeling garage floor coating?

Yes. The same dust controlled grinding equipment we use to prepare your floor can be used to remove existing coatings, glue and mastic.

Nearly any concrete floor can be properly prepared to hold a floor coating.

How can I know my garage floor coating will last?

If your Louisville epoxy floor installer has the right equipment to prep your floor, uses high-grade coating products, and has the right know-how, you can feel secure with the coating they are installing for you.

Need a Commercial Epoxy Floor in Louisville, Kentucky?

We do large floors.

We understand business, so we work to keep yours up and running while your commercial epoxy floor is installed.

Please contact us today for your commercial epoxy floor project.

Our skilled installers are equipped to handle your project.

  • Commercial Garage Epoxy Floors
  • Warehouse Epoxy Floors
  • Hangar Epoxy Floors
  • Commercial Kitchen and Bathroom Epoxy Floors
  • Restaurant Epoxy Floors
  • Municipal Facility Epoxy Floors
  • Food Safe Epoxy Floors
  • And More!
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