Overhead Garage Storage Racks

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Get even more out of your garage with durable overhead storage. Whether you need more room for holiday bins, sports gear or anything else, we’ve got you covered.

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Get even more useful space in your garage with an overhead storage rack.

The perfect way to further maximize the space in your garage. The 4’ x 8’ Overhead Storage Rack from Garage Kings is easy to install and can hold up to 600 lbs!

This 4’ x 8’ unit can be installed on its own, or in a series of multiple units to accommodate any size of garage.

A neatly organized garage features overhead shelving loaded with various items, including a blue cooler, camping gear, storage bins, and fuel containers. Below, tools like shovels, rakes, and a hose are hung on the wall. A ladder and a bike are also visible.

Overhead Storage Rack Accessories

Let’s help you get even more usable space from your overhead storage with options hanging accessories that store up to 50 lbs. per hook!

A close-up image of a black metal grid shelf with two sturdy black hooks hanging from it. The hooks are designed in an upside-down "J" shape, providing ample space for hanging various items. The overall look is minimalistic and utilitarian.

Interior Hook

Mounted to the underside of the 4’ x 8’ storage rack, this hook is ideal for hanging a variety of items, such as bikes, bags, and large tools.

Close-up view of a black metal hanger bracket attached to a wire mesh grid structure, commonly used in construction or industrial settings for holding or supporting overhead installations. The background is white and shows part of the grid system.

Exterior Hook

Mounted to the outside of the frame, this general purpose hook can conveniently hold any item that needs to be within reach.

A black metal overhead storage rack is mounted to the ceiling. The rack consists of a grid platform and four brackets for added support. The adjustable brackets are attached to vertical supports and positioned to hold items securely.

Large Side Hook

Ideal for holding larger items such as ladders, building supplies, or large tools. The large side hook securely bolts onto the side of either one of the support legs.