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Compared to when you first moved into your home — back when all the surfaces and features were spotless and brand new — a household you’ve lived in for many years can show several signs of its age. However, one such area where this is especially noticeable is the garage. After storing your vehicles, yard equipment, furniture, and other items for a long time, your garage’s appearance can begin to fade. However, with the assistance of our garage floor coating company in Columbus, OH, you can make it appear like when you just moved in.

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Our garage coating service can help eradicate the many years of vehicles, heavy equipment, foot traffic, and more. After we’re finished, you’ll receive a fully renovated garage floor that can continue to withstand usage while looking better than ever. You can rely on our garage floor coating contractors and services to create a beautiful space you won’t believe was once old and worn.

We proudly serve the areas in OH:

  • Franklin County
  • Madison County
  • Fairfield County
  • Union County
  • Delaware County
  • And More!

If you’re looking for superior protection and durability, don’t go with garage floor epoxy — choose polyaspartic flooring instead. If you want to upgrade your garage floor to the next level, contact Garage Kings. We’re a step above the other garage floor coating companies because we treat each home as if it were our own.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Scott T.
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We had a great experience with Garage Kings throughout the process. We are delighted with the floor and only regret we did not do it sooner.

Andrea P.
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Great work team.Sstarted when they said they would and ditto for finishing. Their work and product exceeded my expectations. An easy 5 star recommendation.

Barb C.
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I looked at 3 companies before getting 2 to come in for estimates. Garage Kings was very professionals from start of the Project to finish. I am so delighted I chose them and sure anyone else who does will be equally pleased. Everyone wants to know who did my floor. I say “WOW” it was Garage Kings of course.

Chris A.
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From start to finish, what a pleasant, professional crew. Thank you very much – in chronological order – Sara(h), Nick, Jeremy, Ly(i)nda, Chris, Nathan, and Tony. It was a pleasure interacting with each of you. Very nice job.

Mike D.
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Overall great experience working with the team from Garage Kings (Nick, Kyle and Devon). It turned out exactly as they said it would and within the timeframe they promised.

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The Trusted Process of Our Polyaspartic Garage Floor Installers in Columbus, OH, & the Surrounding Area

Does your concrete garage floor not look as good as it did in the past? Whether it’s stained or dirty, calling our garage floor specialists will help make it better than ever. Ugly floor coatings can be transformed into works of art when our coating systems are utilized. Our polyaspartic floors won’t let you down thanks to durable, tough, and long-lasting coatings. You can trust it will shine for years to come once our garage floor coating company is finished installing them. 

Is your garage floor old and dirty? We’re a step above the other garage floor sealing companies, and you can trust us to help you choose a new flooring system. We’ll walk you through the process of selecting your new flooring system, including the selection of various options and color choices we have available. Our company will have a solution for your home.

Want to learn more about how we install flooring for garages? Check out our perfected process we’ve developed that leaves every customer with garage flooring that’s smooth and durable:
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Proudly Serving The Columbus Area
  • West Jefferson
  • London
  • Grove City
  • Galloway
  • Hilliard
  • Plain City
  • Dublin
  • Powell
  • Westerville
  • Lewis Center
  • Gahanna
  • Reynoldsburg
  • Pickerington
  • Groveport
  • Canal Westchester
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Unmatched, Commercial-Grade Materials

We have three professional flooring options that are designed to fit your space and budget.


6-Coat Floor

4-Coat Floor
3-Coat Floor
1. Prepare and Repair
2. Premium Pigmented Base Coat
3. High-Quality Vinyl Flakes
4. Clear Receiver Coat
5. Second Layer of High Quality Vinyl Flakes
6. Industrial-Grade Top Coat
7. Second Coat of Industrial-Grade Top Coat

Signature Blends

Choose from one of our signature flake blends.
With superior scratch and wear resistance, the texture and pattern of our flake floor make it
the perfect choice for keeping your floor looking its best for years to come.
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Benefits of Garage Floor Coverings

From refurbishing an old concrete surface to sealing your floor, a new garage floor coating could be just what your home needs. Not only is the coating effective at preserving floors and protecting them from harsh impacts, but it also provides a glossy finish that beautifies your garage. Your eyesore of a garage will become a memory of the past once we’re finished.

If you’re interested in learning more about this kind of coating, learn why so many are choosing our garage floor coverings:

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  • Durable: One of the reasons garage floor covering companies like ours get a lot of business throughout Columbus is because of the durability of coatings. For example, polyaspartic flooring’s chemical-resistant nature allows it to withstand gasoline, bleach, motor oil, and much more. Also, because it’s so thick, garage tools and equipment won’t scratch it.
  • Attractive: Garage floor coatings are also popular in homes because of how aesthetically pleasing it is. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of different flake options, color combinations, and more to truly match your design preferences.
  • Easy to Clean: Coatings are a popular flooring choice for garages because of how easy it is to clean. All you need to do is use a hose, warm water, mop, or gentle degreaser.
  • Eco-Friendly: Although polyaspartic is a chemical compound, it is an environmentally friendly option for garage floors. Additionally, it doesn’t require many materials or machines to install and will last for many years. Anyone who desires a relatively green flooring option can trust our garage flooring company in Columbus, OH.

Signs It’s Time to Hire a Garage Coating Company for Your Columbus, OH, Home

No matter what you use your garage for, it’s important to take good care of its flooring. By contacting our garage floor coating contractors and services in Columbus, OH, you can prevent severe damage and stay ahead of wear and tear. Therefore, if your concrete garage flooring is cracking or showing signs of damage, it’s important to have experts like us apply the coating.

Be mindful of the following signs of garage floor damage:

  • Your Garage Floor Is Cracking: As temperature changes, concrete naturally expands and contracts. As a result, it will form cracks as time passes. These concrete cracks are both unattractive and harmful to your car’s tires. Call our garage floor coating company to prevent future damage and restore the condition of your flooring.
  • The Flooring Is Uneven: Although it’s normal for flooring to settle with time, it can result in an uneven surface that is hard to navigate and clean. Our garage floor coating company in Columbus, OH, can apply a coating to even out the surface.
  • There Are Several Stains on the Garage Floor: Paint, oil, water, and other substances can create stains on the floor of your garage. With the help of our coating contractors, you can cover the stains and prevent new ones from forming. Unfortunately, some garage resurfacing companies create stains during their installations — this won’t be a problem when you work with our business.
  • Water Frequently Pools on the Floor: If it’s been a long time since your last garage floor coating was applied, it might not be as water resistant as it once was. To prevent future water pooling, call our garage floor specialists.
  • The Coating Is Peeling: When garage resurfacing companies rush the installation process, it can result in peeling. If you’ve experienced this, then Garage Kings can help. We’ll apply seals with our proven methods to ensure they last for decades.

Whenever you encounter one of these issues, reach out to the top garage floor company in Franklin County, Madison County, Fairfield County, Union County, or Delaware County, OH. We’ll get started as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Go the Extra Mile With Scratch-Resistant Garage Floor Service

Your garage floors can get scratched after many years of use. Thankfully, our garage floor coating company in Columbus, OH, has a solution available — polyaspartic floor coatings!

While you might think you’re looking for an epoxy garage floor installer, you’re really looking for Garage Kings. With our polyaspartic coatings, you can transform your garage into a more livable space. After the coating is applied, you’ll have the opportunity to turn your garage into a workshop, laundry room, or other livable space! It has now become a fast favorite among garage floor coating companies. Not only is its cure time fast, but it’s also extremely durable. Once your scratch-resistant garage floor service experts are finished, the floor will be prepared for foot traffic in two hours and vehicle traffic in 24. You’ll be able to enjoy your newly renovated space sooner rather than later!

Are you interested in learning about the other reasons homeowners have been searching for “polyaspartic garage floor installers near me?” Polyaspartic floor coatings also offer the following advantages:

  • UV Stability (No More Yellowing!)
  • Clear Finishes
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Stain and Chemical Resistance
  • Tolerance to Heat (No Damage From Hot Car Tires)
  • Low or No VOCs

If you want to shield your garage from abrasions and scratches while making it look fantastic, contact us for our scratch-resistant garage floor services.

What to Look for in Garage Floor Coating Companies in Columbus, OH & the Surrounding Area

You shouldn’t trust any garage floor sealing companies with your home. The process is complicated and requires a lot of training and experience to be performed successfully. To protect yourself and your garage from unsightly results that leave a lot to be desired, find out what it takes to be one of the best garage floor covering companies in Columbus, OH.

  • Experience & Reviews: Before even talking to a garage floor coating company in Columbus, OH, research them online. Search for helpful customer testimonials, reviews, credentials, and awards. Garage Kings is a proud member of the International Franchise Association (IFA) and has been featured on Designing Spaces, TheHomeMag, and more. We’re a trusted brand across the country with a focus on local areas. Check out our customer testimonials to learn more about why we’re a leading business.
  • License & Insurance: If you’ve been looking for “polyaspartic garage floor installers near me,” you’ll want to ensure they’re both licensed and insured. At Garage Kings, each of our contractors earned their license from the local or federal government after demonstrating their capabilities. Additionally, our business is also fully insured, so you can be confident that we’ll take responsibility for any damages that occur because of negligence.
  • Costs & Materials: When it comes to garage floor coverings, you shouldn’t select the cheapest option. For the best results possible, you should choose a business that uses high-quality materials and demonstrates where every penny of your payment goes.

When you’re ready to renovate your garage, choose our garage flooring company. We’ll rejuvenate your floors with the highest quality materials and a precise and proven process.

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Your garage doesn’t have to be an area of the house you close off from neighbors or friends. With a simple upgrade, it can become one of the best rooms in your home. Introduce new life into your garage with a polyaspartic coating from the top garage floor company in Franklin County, Madison County, Fairfield County, Union County, and Delaware County, OH. We’ll add durability and beauty to your home with high-quality products and professional installation. Garage Kings can even help you transform your other living spaces with basement floor coverings or a patio epoxy coating service.

For more information about our services, give our specialists a call today!