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Is your garage a source of dread and despair? Many homeowners avoid their garages like the plague at the thought of the clutter and filthy floors. Rather than spending time in your space, you hurry into your home every day, ignoring the nuisance that is right under your nose.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Your garage can — and WILL — look amazing, and it will only take a few hours for us to prove it!

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Garage Kings is the premier garage floor coating company in Cincinnati, OH. Using our amazing garage floor coating techniques, we can transform any garage floor from boring to brilliant! We provide garage coating services for homeowners throughout these OH, IN, and KY communities:

  • Butler, OH
  • Clermont County, OH
  • Clinton County, OH
  • Hamilton County, OH
  • Warren County, OH
  • Dearborn County, IN
  • Campbell County, OH
  • Boone County, KY
  • Kenton County, KY
  • And Beyond!


How Our Polyaspartic Garage Floor Installers in Cincinnati, OH, Protect Your Garage!

Our team of talented garage floor specialists is serious about their work. Each time we install flooring for garages, you can rest easy knowing that we only work with the best quality products, brands, and application methods. You won’t find a better garage floor coating company in Cincinnati, OH — and that’s a promise!

Why are we so confident that our polyaspartic garage floor installers are superior to other area garage floor coating companies? It’s because we employ a unique and thorough process to create the floor of your dreams! Here’s a step-by-step look into our coating installation work:


  • Preparation: Using diamond grading machinery, we will smooth away imperfections in your existing concrete floor and make crack repairs if necessary. We’ll also check the moisture content of your concrete to ensure everything is ready for our team of certified installers. This process enables the coating to stick. Some other garage floor coating companies don’t bother with this step, which is how you end up with a peeling floor!
  • Base Coat Application: Once the surface is ready to be coated, our polyaspartic garage floor installer will apply a proprietary blend of high-quality coating to suit your specific floor. 
  • Vinyl Flake Application: It’s time to sprinkle on the vinyl flakes! We apply flakes that you choose, so you can have total control of your garage’s look and feel.
  • Clear Receiver Application: Have you chosen our 6-coat flooring option? If you have, once your flakes are in place and the coating has dried adequately, we’ll repeat steps 2 and 3 to make two more additional layers.
  • Top Coat Application: To seal your beautiful new floor, we apply a strong and durable top polyaspartic coating to the entire surface. In just a few hours, it’ll be ready to walk on. It is also usually cleared for vehicle traffic after just 72 hours.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

Scott M.
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Garage Kings sales and service technicians we’re great. The amount of communication from both Sales and the crew that did the work was a big surprise, and I was happy with the professionalism they showed. My situation was unique, in that I wasn’t having an indoor space covered, so I was worried about how it would work outdoors. In the end, we are more than happy with the porch floor now.

Patrick R.
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Garage Kings exceeded my expectations across all parameters – sales, pre-install, and install. Not the cheapest project to have done, but it will be worth every penny in cleanliness, appearance, and utility. Ryan, Patrick and Tyler did a great install job and went over care and treatment very thoroughly.

Theresa A.
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Tyler did an excellent job with review of the area, quote and follow-up. He is very responsive and provides excellent service. Delivery of trailer allowed enough time to load. The day of install the Team was on time and worked hard to finish with inclement weather. Someone is coming out to review the top coat and confirm consistency throughout the area. We have referred Garage Kings to both neighbors.

Paul A.
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Garage King came out started the project of covering my front porch and back yard patio in a very professional matter. We had three very good installers three of the installers first name were Tyler and the fourth name was Zak. Very kind, polite and helpful workers and they did a great job.

Eleanor D.
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Zac and Logan arrived on time and called ahead. They worked hard throughout the day and kept us informed on progress. There were complications from degraded flooring and they spent extra time to fix it right. The floor looks beautiful.

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The Perks of Garage Floor Coverings

If you’re looking for an affordable yet high-quality way to upgrade your garage, look no further than our garage floor coating! Here’s why so many homeowners are relying on this awesome flooring choice for garages:

  • Durable & Hardy: Our garage floor coverings are built to last — no matter what kind of work you do in the garage. Whether you have kids who get the garage muddy, an old car that leaks oil all over your floor, or a dozen old half-opened paint cans stashed on every shelf, we can work with your garage!
  • Adds Aesthetic Appeal: Even if you don’t think you need to contact our garage flooring company in Cincinnati, OH, there’s a good chance you’ll reconsider your decision after seeing our work. From Clermont County, OH to Kenton County, KY,to Dearborn, IN we’ve created some of the coolest garage floors in town. No matter if you’re looking for multiple colors or one striking one, we can help make your vision a reality. 
  • Low-Maintenance: Taking care of your new flooring is so easy, anyone can do it! With just hot water and a stiff foam mop, you’ll be able to clean away spills with almost no effort.
  • Adds Non-Slip Elements: Did you know that garage coating services can also make your garage space less hazardous? While there’s no way to prevent all slips or falls in any space, our garage floor coatings are mixed with a non-slip additive to keep your household members safe!

Want to know how we’ll install your new flooring for garages? We’ve perfected our process to ensure each customer receives a durable and smooth surface. Check out the steps our installers follow below:
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Proudly Serving The Cincinnati Area
  • Lebanon
  • Waynesville
  • Springboro
  • Mason
  • Loveland
  • Milford
  • Hamilton
  • Cleves
  • Blue Ash
  • Sharonville
  • Morrow
  • Mainville
  • Indian Hill
  • Fairfield
  • Maderia
  • Kenwood
  • Hebron
  • Ft. Thomas
  • Independance
  • Florence
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Unmatched, Commercial-Grade Materials

We have three professional flooring options that are designed to fit your space and budget.


6-Coat Floor

4-Coat Floor
3-Coat Floor
1. Prepare and Repair
2. Premium Pigmented Base Coat
3. High-Quality Vinyl Flakes
4. Clear Receiver Coat
5. Second Layer of High Quality Vinyl Flakes
6. Industrial-Grade Top Coat
7. Second Coat of Industrial-Grade Top Coat

Signature Blends

Choose from one of our signature flake blends.
With superior scratch and wear resistance, the texture and pattern of our flake floor make it
the perfect choice for keeping your floor looking its best for years to come.
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Signs You Should Hire a Garage Coating Company for Your Cincinnati, OH, Home

If you’ve been wondering when to call your local garage floor coating company, there are a few clear signs you should watch out for as you prepare to make the call.

Here are a few examples of times you should call our garage floor specialists:

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  • Cracking: Is your once-smooth concrete floor now cracked and pitted? Contact our garage floor coating company in Cincinnati, OH, and we’ll make it right. Your new floor will be so smooth you will hardly be able to believe your eyes!
  • Staining: Stained concrete flooring is ugly and unpleasant to look at, plus it can be a sign that your concrete floor may be more damaged than you realize. If your flooring is stained, contact our garage floor coating contractors for services in Cincinnati, OH
  • Peeling: Is your concrete floor already coated yet has begun to peel? Unfortunately, we see this shabby work from many other local garage resurfacing companies. Unlike the other garage floor coating companies, we install premium products with built-in peeling protection — and we prepare your floor beforehand so there’s no risk of peeling later on. With warranties available for every flooring option, you can feel confident in your new garage floor for years to come. Our 6-coat option features a lifetime warranty, our 4-coat comes with a 21-year warranty, and the 3-coat option has a 10-year warranty. 

Preserve Your Floors With Our Scratch-Resistant Garage Floor Service

Did you find us searching for “polyaspartic garage floor installers near me” in Cincinnati or the surrounding areas? If you need a garage floor coating company in Cincinnati, OH, that will go above and beyond to protect your floors, you need Garage Kings — and you need our scratch-resistant garage floor service! Our scratch-resistant garage floor services are perfect for anyone who likes to spend time in the garage, wants to increase the value of their home, or just prefers a clean and polished look. Don’t wait to get started. Contact our top garage floor company in Cincinnati, OH, today!

Why We Outperform Other Garage Floor Coating Companies in Cincinnati, OH, & the Surrounding Areas

We consistently outperform all the other garage floor covering companies in Cincinnati, OH, as well as Butler, Hamilton County, and Warren County, OH, — and don’t forget Dearborn County, IN, Kenton County, KY, and the surrounding areas! Here’s what sets our garage floor coating company in Cincinnati, OH, apart:

  • Highly Reviewed. We’re not just another one of the garage floor sealing companies in the area. We do more than just sealing — and it shows in our online and word-of-mouth reviews! But don’t ask us — your friends, neighbors, and relatives will agree that our garage floor coverings are second to none.
  • Local to YOU! You don’t have to keep searching “polyaspartic garage floor installers near me” to find nearby garage floor covering companies. Our garage flooring company will be there quickly to help with anything you need so you can get back to your everyday life.
  • Trained and Experienced. It’s our team that truly makes us the best of the best. Every one of our garage floor coating contractors and service experts is trained in the latest application techniques and product specifications, so you never have to worry about us doing improper or poor-quality work.
  • Affordable Service. Our team doesn’t believe having a beautiful garage floor should cost a fortune. We aren’t here to pocket your hard-earned cash in exchange for a bad job — or overcharge you for good service. That’s why our prices are so amazing!

Call the Best Garage Floor Coating Company in Cincinnati, OH, & the Surrounding Areas, Today!

Ready to jump into the process of changing everything about your garage? If you’re committed to your new garage floor project, don’t just call anyone. Call the top garage floor company in OH, IN, and KY: Garage Kings! We also provide our customers with basement floor coverings and patio coating services. We’re here around the clock answering questions and service calls, so feel free to reach out to our team anytime. We’ll be in touch soon!