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Epoxy & Polyaspartic Flooring Franchise

In your search for a low-cost garage floor, garage storage franchise or a concrete coating franchise, odds are you’ve come across plenty of other garage franchises that offer coatings of various styles and types. But not many can match the dependability and variety of our floor covering franchises. Our franchises provide polyaspartic garage floors, basement epoxy floors, and patio coating services that cover so much more of a home. What other garage franchise opportunities come with so much?

A low-cost garage floor franchise gives you access to polyaspartic coatings that protect against UV rays, chemicals, and other elements that eat away at garage floors. Consider an affordable floor coating franchise that coats outdoor patios for those homeowners who want to enjoy the beautiful warm weather their environment provides. No matter what garage franchise opportunities you seek, Garage Kings has all you need for an amazing garage floor franchise.

Garage Kings

Garage Flooring Franchise Opportunities

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As one of North America’s top residential floor coating and storage franchises, Garage Kings represents an unparalleled opportunity for you to participate in the booming $500 billion home services industry. It's not enough to jump into any of the other average floor-covering franchises on the market. Own a garage floor franchise from Garage Kings, and gain insight into the knowledge, skills, and expertise that have grown us into one of the nation's most recognized floor coating companies.

Our step-by-step formula provides our franchisees with industry-leading training and system support from onboarding and start-up through to every phase in the life of your business. We’ll empower you to be a business owner first, which eventually helps you and fellow epoxy and garage flooring franchise owners grow their businesses and the Garage Kings brand.

What are you waiting for? Explore the benefits of a low start-up cost floor coating franchise and other garage franchise opportunities by filling out our contact form today!

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Securing the best garage floor coating business opportunity is made simple and easy with Garage Kings. We teach franchisees how to be great business people and offer low start-up cost floor coating franchises that make it easy to join the growing industry. Our in-depth training, ongoing support, proprietary products and processes, and best-in-class marketing and sales tools prove that we’re behind you every step of the way on the quest to make the most of your garage franchise opportunities.

We also support franchisees with quality mentors that have seen and explored the entire concrete coating franchise process. Even as your garage floor coating franchise grows, you’ll still have someone available to guide you through any mishaps, confusion, or difficulties along the way. No matter how long you own a garage floor franchise from Garage Kings, we make sure you’re given the proper tools and products to maximize your skillset and organizational growth.

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A growing industry.

Growing business opportunities.


North American homeowners are increasingly seeking ways to improve and add value to their homes.


The home services industry employs more than 5M professionals, generating more than $506B/year in direct spending in the U.S.


More than 511M home service jobs (16 each second) are completed each year.

A unique process that can help great people become great business owners.

As a Garage Kings franchisee, you can always count on us to have your back through each stage of growth. From onboarding and startup through to growth and maturity, we provide the right training, coaching, and mentorship to our franchisees to ensure your business dreams come true.

Become an expert in every part of your business.

Find the best people. Give them the tools to succeed. And provide the ongoing support to make it happen.

That’s how we empower our franchisees. We believe that, through top-notch training and educational support in sales, products, installation, services, and business development, every franchisee can build the business of their dreams.

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Is it time to start your next garage floor franchise? With plenty of garage franchise opportunities and the resources and information to empower all potential owners, a Garage Kings franchise is undoubtedly right for you! Start a floor coating business, find an affordable floor coating franchise, or explore more garage floor coating business opportunities by contacting us today!

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