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Choose From 3 Simple Options for your Vancouver Island Garage Floor Coating:

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Flake Floor

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Epoxy Floor

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Decorative Marbled
Epoxy Floor

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Garage Kings Epoxy Flooring is Now Available in Victoria, BC!

Ready to connect with a garage floor epoxy or commercial epoxy flooring installer in Victoria?

Garage Kings is pleased to introduce our independent dealer serving all of Victoria, BC and Vancouver Island.

Want a better epoxy flooring installer? You won’t find one anywhere.

If you are ready to enjoy an easy to clean and super durable epoxy garage floor in Victoria, please call for a quote today.

On the hunt for a polyaspartic or polyurea flake floor system in Victoria?

The most advanced floor coating available today is the polyaspartic floor coating. It is rapid cure, UV stable, and flexible. Fast return to service means you don’t lose your garage for a week.

UV stable means your beautiful floor won’t yellow over time, and flexible so that your floor can accommodate slight movements that may happen as the weather changes.

Polyaspartic floor coatings are our specialty!

We are excited to serve your epoxy flooring needs in Victoria, British Columbia and throughout Vancouver Island, so go ahead and call for a quote right now.





What is so different about Garage Kings Victoria?

If you want your epoxy floor coating to last, you only need to make sure your installer can handle 2 things:

  1. Proper Surface Preparation
  2. Great Products

Proper Surface Preparation

  • Commercial grade epoxy floor coatings installed without proper surface preparation will fail, flake and lift within only a few months or years, taking you right back to where you started!
  • Plan to hire someone to install an epoxy or other floor coating? It is worth the effort to do your due diligence. The best form of of surface preparation is dust-controlled diamond grinding equipment. The mechanical bond created by this method will make your coating stick for a long time, and as a bonus, won’t make a mess of your landscaping. If your contractor owns their own equipment and you can be confident that you are in capable hands.

The Right Products

  • You’ve seen DIY garage epoxy flooring kits available. These kits frequently recommend 1.5 gallons for 250 square feet as a complete floor system, with an optional top coat. These products also tend to contain fillers to make it easier to apply for the newbie epoxy installer.
  • Only Garage Kings uses 100% solids high build epoxies or polyaspartic coatings which produce the same industrial strength floor in your garage that is found in airplane hangars, industrial warehouses and more. These floor coatings put at least 3 times more material on your floor then the typical DIY epoxy kit.

Why Choose a Professional Garage Coating?

  • Victoria weather can do a number on your concrete. Oil, rust, grease, and use will damage concrete, pitting and degrading the integrity of your floor. Porous concrete is ugly and difficult to clean. It also breathes, holds moisture, and causes additional mold and damage. The best part? The more worn your concrete becomes, the faster it will wear and deteriorate.
  • An industrial strength floor coating installed by a pro will improve the lifespan of your concrete, make it simple to clean, and most importantly, looks awesome.

The Installation Process

  • All our Victoria epoxy flooring projects begin with the same detail oriented preparation: we setup a clean working environment, and start by diamond grinding with dust controlled equipment. This creates the perfect profile to ensure your coating will adhere, and allows the material to penetrate deep into the concrete. In fact, once installed, it is easier to break the concrete underneath than to peel the new coating. That is why we are able to offer 9, 15, and even 21 year adhesion warranties on the coatings installed by our network.

After grinding is finished, we take care of repairing cracks and pits in the concrete to create a seamless surface before the coating is applied.

Depending on your floor coating option, we lay a thin epoxy or polyurea prime coat that absorbs deeply into the concrete and broadcast a heavy layer of vinyl chips or anti-slip grit into it.

When the prime coat is completely cured, we come back, cleanup, and lay the final coat. This coat can be a high-build epoxy or a polyaspartic coating depending on the options you chose.

Garage floor coatings can be completed in just 1-2 days, so you can go back to what’s really important very quickly. Even commercial floors can be completed very quickly, and we always work hard to keep your downtime to the absolute minimum.

Garage Kings Victoria

Our People

When a Garage Kings Professional Installer comes to your home, you can expect a great experience. We take pride in the level of training we provide to every member of our team. You’ll be amazed at how quick and efficient the entire process is, and we will settle for nothing less than complete customer satisfaction.

Our Guarantee

The same products and processes we use in your home are used in demanding industrial environments like airport hangars. That’s why we are able to guarantee the adhesion of our coatings for up to twenty-one years. In fact, you will find it is harder to break our products’ bond than the concrete underneath it. This means that your floor may very well outlive your house.

It's Time to Start Thinking Differently About Your Garage Floor.

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Who We Are

Tim Frazer and Jamie Seamans started Garage Kings in Moncton, New Brunswick .

We are on a mission to bring the very best coating products and knowledge in the world consumers through our network of independent garage floor dealers. We have traveled across Canada and the USA to learn from the best, and we're bringing that to you. Learn More


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