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Jacksonville Jazz, Southern Rock, & Your Garage Epoxy Floor

Cutting-Edge Epoxy Flooring Technology Turns Your Ugly, Stained Garage Floor Into The Pride Of Jacksonville, Florida AND Your Neighbors Green With Envy... Demanding To Know Where You Got It From!

You’ll be able to choose from 3 simple options for your floor, depending on your taste and budget.

Any choice you make will have you loving a garage floor that is:

  • Durable
  • Slip-resistant
  • Simple to Clean
  • And Looks Fantastic!

Flake Floor

Our wildly popular stunning
signature floor covering

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Epoxy Floor

Classic, budget-friendly and amazingly durable.
What’s not to love?

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Decorative Marbled
Epoxy Floor

We use cutting-edge techniques to create this
beautiful and unique coating.

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Let’s face it.

Jacksonville has influenced some major music revolutions. From jazz and blues... to the birthplace of southern rock and beyond.

So how does this connect with your garage floor? Although we can’t guarantee your floor will reach people across the globe, we can guarantee that your neighbors will admire it (even envy it).

Our garage floor coating technique is not your average concrete floor.

The problem with most garage flooring is that they are designed to take punishment... and nothing else.

Cars parked on top, leaking oil, sharp tools being dropped onto the floor. Heavy work requires a tough surface.

Better Looking Than Your Hardwood Floor?

What if you could have a tough surface AND it looked better than an American Black Walnut Hardwood Floor?

What if I told you could customize your garage floor with a logo of your choosing? Or even all of your favorite logos (including your own business logo if you wanted).

Now... you might be thinking: "Is this another scam, trying to sell me snake oil?"

I can assure you, our floors are not made out of snake oil, but a complex mix of epoxy & our signature polyaspartic flake flooring system.

Alongside our rigorous quality standards and expertise, we can turn your grey, cracked garage floor into a work of art... fit for an Indy 500 race car!

So how does this work? It won’t take weeks of grinding and busting up your old floor. We’ve nailed our preparation work down to a well-drilled military march on Independence Day.

Whether you’re interested in our signature polyaspartic flake floor or epoxy floors, most of the time, our clients are parking their cars on their new garage floor 24 hours later.

Would that change your mood for the better?

How about showing it off to your neighbors? Do you think they will be jealous of your garage?

Here at Garage Kings, we pride ourselves in delivering on everything we promised you just now. We’ve been doing this for five years and our signature flooring system is now being used across the US and Canada.

For people with vision, it’s about creating an environment around you to be proud of. As any successful individual knows, your environment plays a big part.

If you see success all around you, you feel successful. And feeling successful is crucial for maintaining, or better yet, increasing your success.

Just like Mark in Jacksonville, Florida, who loves his muscle cars and Harleys, and his new garage floor!

So my question to you is this:

Are you going to be the first in your neighborhood to have a Garage Kings floor?

We know people that take action set the stage (and they love great deals). They determine the trends and other people follow in their footsteps. You can influence your entire neighborhood, just like the Jacksonville has influenced the world with it’s music.


Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, And More

We can’t all be trend setters, but it’s always been my experience that those that set trends... are devoted action takers.

They see a great deal and they snatch it!

They see how amazing a metallic epoxy floor can turn a bland garage floor into a masterpiece.

The Garage Kings Guarantee

On top of our amazing prices, we offer you up to a 21 year guarantee! We place more than two decades worth of trust in our garage epoxy flooring system and cutting edge material...

...and we lose no sleep over our long guarantees.

Don’t Wait!

Now the ball is in your court. If you want to grab the bull by the horns, give us a call at 904-647-2200 and we will set up a time to chat about your vision for transforming your garage floor into the coolest place in your house .

Call today and let’s get the ball rolling!

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I’m looking forward to talking with you!

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Did you know that Jax was Hollywood before there was a Hollywood. In fact, it was known in the 1910s as "The Winter Film Capital of the World." During that decade, well over two dozen silent film studios opened in the city. It was a major film center before Hollywood became the main player in the business.

Talk about setting the standard for others to follow!

We can’t guarantee your garage epoxy flooring will be a rare landmark in the next few years, but we can guarantee that you will have set the standard for your neighborhood.

Call us today and tell us about your vision for your garage floor coating.

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