commercial epoxy coatings

It’s true. The same advanced methods and techniques we use to rapidly complete residential floor coatings work for commercial epoxy flooring too.

The right floor coating can give you a floor that looks great, fits your brand, and is there to last.

Garage Kings installers have tackled commercial epoxy floors in many areas, and are regularly asked to do something that hasn’t been done before. Like the florescent orange flake floor.


Restaurants, retail and more can benefit from a solid floor coating. Showroom floors and automotive floors can make your business look amazing, and keep your clients buying from you.

Epoxy or polyaspartic floor coatings in office buildings or common areas in apartment buildings and hotels are easy to keep clean and stand up to wear and the elements.

The right floor coating can stand up to the harsh chemicals used in auto detail shops, dairy farms, and laboratories. Manufacturing facility floors need to be impact resistant and chemical resistant. We have that covered!

Regardless of your needs, there is a coating for your commercial floor, and the Garage Kings installer network is equipped with the expertise to handle your project.

Here are just a few examples of commercial floor coatings installed by Garage Kings:

Solving Unique Flooring Problems

We love helping clients with unique floor coating problems. It’s kind of our thing.

If you aren’t sure what to do or even think there may not be an answer for you, there is a good change we can help. Here’s just a few of the unique flooring problems we’ve been able to help with:

Manufacturing floor cracks causing scratched cabinet doors

The problem: a large cabinet manufacturing plant uses carts to move completed doors from one side of the facility to the other. Cracks and pits in the aging concrete floor were causing the cart to jostle and scratching some of the doors. This caused project delays and additional cost. Garage Kings solved this problem with a simple and cost effective solution.

By grinding out the cracks, filling them with a durable epoxy filler, and grinding the top level, we were able to eliminate the problem. The work was completed after hours and caused zero downtime. The one section that needed to be shutdown to complete it was done over the holidays when the plant was closed anyway.

By doing this, we were able to help the company stay producing, AND correct the ongoing problems caused by the cracks.

Give us a call if you have a problem. Chances are we can help!

Dog Enrichment Facility floor issues

The problem: The current vinyl floor was collecting pet urine and causing a lingering odor. It wasn’t bonded well to the concrete in some areas and moisture from cleaning supplies and other liquids was getting through, absorbing into the concrete, and also causing the floor to peel. The lingering odors were obvious upon entering the building. Not good for customers or staff.

We removed the vinyl floor, installed a cove edge around the perimeter and our Signature Polyaspartic Flake Floor. This created a seamless surface up the wall so that the new floor is completely sealed and cleaning is now a cinch.

As a bonus, we installed a big bright logo and colored paw prints to enhance the brand impact and add character to the room.

Commercial Man Cave Floor over tile that cannot be removed.

This is not an ordinary man cave. It’s attached to a commercial office rental and vehicle storage space for the busy automotive enthusiast. Doctors, lawyers and businesspeople that love cars work and chill here. Mostly chill.

The problem: Old tiles laid on old plywood. Attempting to remove them would lead to extensive repair work, likely leading to redoing the subfloor entirely. The client wanted a solution that could eliminate that step and still provide a durable floor.

We deep cleaned the tiles, scuffed them up, and applied several coats of high-build epoxy over top. The grout lines were all but eliminated, and the client got a unique marbled floor that really enhanced the space. Looks awesome, eh? Thanks!

Floor coatings in walk in freezers

The problem: The walk in freezer couldn’t be shut off, so concrete repairs and installation of a new coating needed to be done in below freezing temperatures. We used a rapid cure epoxy slurry for repairs and coated the floor with fast cure water based epoxy. No problems.

Dairy Farm Robot Room Floor

The problem: caustic cleaning chemicals are necessary to keep the 24 hour milking robot sterile and safe for the cattle. The existing vinyl flooring was peeling due to these chemicals. Also, the robot couldn’t be shut down for longer than 2 hours without incurring significant revenue losses.

The process was completed, including surface prep, cleaning, drying the slab with a torch, and applying 2 coats of ultra rapid cure epoxy. All within a 2 hour period. When the robot was turned back on, the floor held up and continues to hold up to the cleaning chemicals.

As a bonus, the main open space was done with a Signature Polyaspartic Flake Floor with an extra coat of clear. The owners’ son uses that area to shoot hockey pucks. On our floor. It still looks awesome.