Signature Polyaspartic Flake Floor

What is stronger than an Epoxy floor, super easy to clean, and looks so good you have to see it again and again?

The Signature Polyaspartic Flake Floor is our most sought after flooring option. It works beautifully for garages, basements, warehouses, restaurants, and more. 4 out of 5 clients choose the flake floor for a reason:

  1. Beauty
  2. Durability
  3. Superior Wear and Scratch Resistance
  4. Versatility
  5. UV resistance
  6. Rapid cure time
  7. Just plain looks great

What makes this floor coating so special?

This is not a traditional epoxy flooring system. It’s based on 2 part ‘POLYASPARTIC’ floor coating technology. It’s rapid cure times and return to use times, combined with superior impact and scratch resistance, and UV properties make it an awesome coating for a wide array of projects.

This floor coating looks awesome!

Even if you don’t have us install a personalized logo or fancy metallic flakes, this floor will still look awesome for years.

We have 6 standard colors to choose from that will complement your decor. They are designed to look great AND hide wear and dirt so the floor is easy to keep looking great.

If you need something different, choose from unlimited custom blends, personalized logos, and more.

Durability that can’t be beat

Imagine feeling confident that your floor has what it takes to stand up to the demands of everyday use. We call this floor the metal roof for your garage floor. It’s the one and done solution.

Invincible? No.

Overkill for the typical residential garage and for your project? Probably.

We’ve had a client install this floor so that their son could shoot hockey pucks on it for practice. We checked on it a year later and it looks like it was installed last week.

The durability of this floor is a combination of being highly resistant to scratching and wear, AND the pattern and texture of the flakes helping to mask minor scratches and wear from normal traffic.


Welcome to the go-to floor coating for pretty much anything. Durable, installs quickly, and returns to use quickly. Also, it’s UV stable. That means it doesn’t suffer from the yellowing and discoloration you’d expect from an epoxy floor. It’s both easy to clean AND has good anti-slip traction.

  1. Retail? Check.
  2. Garages? Check. Basements? Yep.
  3. Warehouse and Commercial areas? Check
  4. Outside? Check. That means walkways, steps, patios, pool surrounds.

Rapid cure time:

For garage flooring and other projects under 1500 square feet, the polyaspartic flake floor can often be completed in only 1-2 days. This includes diamond grinding and necessary prep work, crack repairs, and the coating application.

Need flooring with quick turnaround for your commercial project? Our crews have installed up to 4500 square feet including all prep work, repairs, and installing this coating in 3 days, with return to service on day 4.

Plain Looks Great!

At the risk of repeating myself, you can’t escape how awesome the polyaspartic flake floor looks, regardless of where it’s installed. This is a coating that is designed to look great and stay that way for a long time. You, just like many Garage Kings clients before you, will be happy with it on the installation day, and years later.

Installation Process

Curious about the technical side of our trade?

We love educating consumers and installers on the most effective methods and products to use to create lasting results.

Why do DIY garage floor epoxy kits fail?

We get asked this all the time by clients who have either installed something themselves, or hired a non-specialized tradesperson to do it for them.

The details change, but the story is the same. The floor looked amazing at first, but within 6 months or a year had started to peel up under the tires.

The reason why generally boils down to one of two things:

1) Improper surface preparation

When a coating such as a polyaspartic or epoxy is applied to concrete, it needs to ‘bite’ into the surface to last. This means on a microscopic level that the tiny pores of the concrete must be wide open to accept a coating. If you splash some water on the floor and it beads up on the surface, that means the coating won’t absorb either. It’s not ready. If the water absorbs into the concrete within seconds, that means your coating will also penetrate, bite into the concrete, and give you a lasting floor surface. It is incredibly difficult to remove a coating that has been installed properly.

Be sure to ask your installer how they plan to prepare your concrete floor for a coating. If they are etching with a citrus etch or acid wash, the coating is likely to fail. Look for complete diamond grinding or shotblasting, as these methods mechanically abrade the concrete to open up all those tiny pores.

Better yet, make sure your installer is using dust-controlled diamond grinding equipment. This simply means you won’t have clouds of concrete dust billowing out of your garage and onto the landscaping!

2) Insufficient materials

Coatings applied to thinly are more likely to wear through before long. Look for the quantity of recommend product.

If you’re looking at a 1.5 gallon kit of epoxy and the instructions say it is enough to cover 250 square feet of concrete floor, do the math. 250 square feet divided by 1.5 gallons, means they are recommending 166 square feet per gallon.

This is great for a prime coat, but if that’s the whole recommend coating, it’s a recipe for a coating that is too thin to last. Normal use such as hot tires will actually wear through this coating over time, even if the surface is prepared adequately.

The Garage Kings Polyaspartic Flake Floor uses enough product on the prime coat for a full flake broadcast, PLUS a clear top coat that is rated for forklift traffic. We like to call it overkill for a residential garage floor.

More Options

Once you opt for Signature Polyaspartic Flake Floor by Garage Kings, you’ve got options!


This product can go vertical. Your steps can be coated, the sides around the room can be coated, and more.

Personalized Logos.

We’ve done business logos, sports team logos, family crests, custom logos, etc. All digital print decals ordered from your local sign shop and installed right into your floor coating.

Custom Colors.

It’s true most of our clients choose from our 6 standard flake blends.

But your floor is only limited by your imagination! Custom colours, metallic flakes and more can be added to your flake floor, making it truly unique, inspiring, and you.

You can even have Glow in the Dark Flakes and Fluorescent flakes for black light effects!