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Has your Grand Junction, Colorado garage become less than grand?

If you're like most homeowners in Grand Junction, Colorado, you don’t appreciate your garage the way you do the rest of your house. You chuck your mountain bike in your garage any which way, spatter paint and chemicals, and accumulate a collection of hot tire marks.

And that’s just the damage people cause. Mother Nature also takes her turn. Of course, Grand Junction isn’t as wet and snowy as eastern Colorado, but snow, ice, and salt can still do a number on your garage floor. Rain and mud can also be tracked inside on tires and shoes. (You can adopt the Asian custom of shedding your shoes at the door, but you can’t conveniently shed your tires.)

It’s time to pay attention to your Grand Junction garage and give it the attention it deserves. If your garage floor is pocked with deep scratches, hollows, and pits, it can cause more than an inconvenience—it can cause accidents for you, your family, your friends, and your pets. Not only that, but it can harm certain equipment and vehicles—maybe even your beloved mountain bikes!

Fortunately, there’s a quick, cost-effective solution to this problem. You can now obtain the ultimate protection for your garage floor with a durable and resilient epoxy coating.

Our floor coverings are ultra-strong and last for decades. As the icing on the cake, they’ll also convert your unattractive cement into a sparkling, professional, stunning new floor!

Transform Your Grand Junction Garage with the #1 Epoxy Floor Coatings on the Market

Our commercial-grade epoxy floor coatings do more than beautify your lackluster garage.

They’ll also smooth and level your garage floor, providing safety and stellar protection from damage for years to come.

Other companies coat garage floors. So why do more Grand Junction homeowners trust Garage Kings for their floor coatings?

Because we’re a cut above. Unlike our competitors, Garage Kings uses only 100% solids high build epoxies. Those are the materials used in industrial-strength floors like airplane hangars and large warehouses.

Of course, companies should provide not only quality materials but quality service. Like our materials, our customer service is in a class of its own. Virtually eliminating the stress of installing a new garage floor, we ensure it’s an affordable, easy-peasy process. Our customers even tell us it’s fun!

The hardest part about installing a Garage Kings floor is deciding which floor coating to use. Sorry, we can’t make that decision for you. But whichever coating you pick, rest assured that you can’t go wrong. Our team searched high and low to find the highest rated and most durable floor coatings on the market for you to choose from.

Flake Floor

Our wildly popular stunning
signature floor covering

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Epoxy Floor

Classic, budget-friendly and amazingly durable.
What’s not to love?

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Decorative Marbled
Epoxy Floor

We use cutting-edge techniques to create this
beautiful and unique coating.

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If you're like many Grand Junction homeowners, you didn’t set out to sabotage your garage floor. Like life, it just happened, and one day you realized that the damage had been done.

You might have thought your garage floor would last forever. After all, concrete is nearly indestructible, right? Actually, though, concrete is a very porous material that holds on to liquids that land on its surface.

As Father Time marches on, concrete’s structural integrity weakens. Consider that the average car weighs 4,000 lbs. And most garages hold two vehicles, bikes, and other heavy equipment. That’s a lot of load for your garage floor to bear.

Wild winter temperature fluctuations can also damage your floor. When snow and salt melt, they freeze inside the concrete, which expands and becomes ruined from the inside out.

The unfortunate result is an ugly, hazardous garage floor that's infested with dips, hollows, cracks, abrasions, and pits.

What instantly fixes those issues? Garage Kings’ cost-effective, resilient floor coating smooths out your garage floor and provides 100% full protection from future damage.

Your Grand Junction Neighbors Will Turn Green With Envy!

Imagine how uplifting it will be when your less-than-beautiful garage is turned into a modern, clean, high-end space in the space of no more than two days!

You'll also have complete peace of mind knowing that your garage floor is 100% protected from gasoline, oils, fluids, leaky lawnmowers, sand, salt, mold, mud, hot tire marks, and the brutal elements.

But what’s the best part? You’ll transform your ugly-duckling garage into a safer, prettier, more upbeat environment that your family members will want to linger in.

That’s right—your new-and-improved garage will offer more exciting possibilities than just parking and storage space.

Garage Kings will improve how well your garage functions and unleash its full potential!

After we worked our flooring magic, our Grand Junction customers discovered tons of new uses for their improved garages.

They enjoy them as offices, exercise and entertainment rooms, art studios, man caves (and why not woman caves?), and much more.

Revive Your Dreary Grand Junction Garage With Spectacular Color

Yep, it’s true. A slew of scientific studies have confirmed that color immediately boosts moods and improves your overall sense of sense of well-being.

By mixing beautiful pigments and color chips with epoxy, you'll get a premium floor that’s not only super-durable but super-attractive.

Creating a more cheerful garage is especially important if your family uses it as a main entrance and exit for your home. Each time family members make the trek to and from the garage, our colorful commercial-grade coatings will boost their spirits.

Which color should you choose? It’s up to you. We have lovely solids or innovative flake blends. We’ll also be glad to craft a custom color for your unique needs.

Enhancing Garages Throughout Grand Junction... One Show-Stopping Floor at a Time!

Curious about your neighbors’ Garage Kings’ floor renovations? Don't be shy: browse a ton of pictures on the Garage Kings Facebook page, and check out our million-viewer-strong YouTube channel, where we showcase some of the techniques we use to create these stunning floors.

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few of our favorite projects:

Look good, don’t they? But Garage Kings floors not only look good; they’re the best value around.

Here's why it's so important to choose Garage Kings, the most experienced and professional floor coating experts in the US: unlike our competitors, we take time for proper preparation. Floor coatings installed without preparation start peeling and flaking in just a few years, and you'll be right back where you started with a damaged garage floor. Do it right the first time with Garage Kings.

At Garage Kings, we only use the most advanced tools, including dustless diamond grinding equipment, for each installation. Our cheerful installation experts take the time to skillfully prepare the surface to ensure your new floor coating won’t separate from the underlying concrete.

The first layer of product sinks deep into the concrete. After it hardens, it will be easier to break the concrete than peel your new coating! Your new floor will last for eons as it resists chipping, impacts, stains, chemicals, and scratches.

You'll love how easy your new floor is to maintain. Just wipe clean with a mop, and you’re good to go!

But Garage Kings is NOT Just Garages!

Besides garages, Grand Junction homeowners choose Garage Kings to transform any room in their home or on their grounds that needs a requires a spectacular facelift.

From basements to attics, storage rooms to pool houses, and every room in between, Garage Kings has created safer and more attractive spaces for our customers.

We also beautify and protect outside walkways, patios, concrete steps, porches, pool surrounds, and more.

About Garage Kings

Exquisite epoxy floors are becoming increasingly popular. To meet this demand, Garage Kings is growing its network of independent dealers that that love this trade and deliver their best to clients like you day in and day out.

Tim Frazer and Jamie Seamans started Garage Kings from a basement, developing the entire experience you're about to enjoy as you transform your floor. Today, new dealership locations are added every month, and more happy people are added to the list of satisfied Garage Kings customers.


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