The Best Epoxy Floor Designs

The Best Epoxy Floor Designs

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While wood, tile, granite and marble are all popular flooring options for residential and commercial spaces, architects and designers can be limited by these materials. You can stain wood to achieve different hues, but there are only so many colors that can be created. Even tiles and stones are limited by colors and patterns that are found in nature. Epoxy floors, on the other hand, offer limitless design options, which is just one reason why architects are turning to cement and epoxy floors. This medium can showcase imaginative designs and create some truly unique rooms.

Epoxy Floors with Glitter

A recent and noteworthy trend has designers and homeowners adding metallic flakes to epoxy coating in order to create a shimmering, glitter effect. You can choose any color to create the look you want. There are even holographic and iridescent options. The size of the flake also makes a difference. Larger flakes will reflect light differently than smaller, more refined flakes.

Adding glitter to epoxy floors can actually create a surprisingly subtle look. While most people don’t associate glitter with understatement, the end result can be more of a sheen than an over-the-top look. In fact, many offices restaurants and retailers are using glitter epoxy floors and the right combination of strategic lighting to achieve a certain ambiance that is warm, welcoming and modern.

Epoxy floors with glitter also provide some practical advantages. They are affordable, easy to clean and maintain and the reflective properties can help brighten a dark room. You may be surprised to see just how often glitter is being used in epoxy floor coating projects.

Epoxy Floor Patterns

Epoxy is an incredibly versatile material that can be used to create any number of color combinations and patterns. While most people typically associate epoxy floors with the popular swirl patterns that can be achieved, epoxy coating can also be used to create very precise patterns. For example, the building below was designed by the WOHA architecture firm.

While the design is abstract, they were still able to create precise lines and color blocking for a unique look. Instead of opting for a monotone color scheme that would have made such a large space feel cold and impersonal, they were able to add warmth and dimension with fun and colorful patterns. Epoxy coating is also a great choice for this high traffic area because it is durable and long-lasting.

This is another modern and geometric look that showcases the versatility of epoxy coating. The contrasting colors create a clean look that also conveys a sense of sophistication.

Epoxy coating is commonly used to finish concrete garage floors. The coating can dress up a room that is usually more utilitarian and not given a whole lot of decorative attention. It also provides a durable surface for DIY homeowners and mechanics who may spill chemicals and drop tools as they work. Yet even the garage can incorporate fun patterns.

Even those who don’t have a collection of classic Chevrolet cars, can take their garage to the next level with the right pattern. Check out the residential garage picture below.

The classic checkerboard design along the red highlights create a retro feel. With just a little color, this garage has been transformed into a more attractive and functional space that will continue to look like new form many years to come.

3D Epoxy Floors

3D epoxy floors represent the next level in unique floor design. These images are being used in every room in the home to create a truly impressive look. Underwater scenes that incorporate all sorts of marine life are especially popular. It can look and feel like you are walking on water. This is a great way to bring some of nature inside and create a calming space.

As you might imagine, water scenes are also a great choice for the bathroom. How would you like to take bath or brush your teeth with a dolphin playing nearby?

Applying 3D images to concrete floors and finishing the surface with epoxy coating provides a fun and creative way to express yourself and make your home a space that truly reflects your personality and interests.

Unlike other materials, there are no limits to what you can achieve with epoxy floor coatings. From glitter floors that create a fun and reflective look to 3D images that bring animals and the outdoors to life, you can create a truly unique in any room, home or building. Basically, if you can dream up an image or pattern, you can make it come to life with epoxy floors. While this article includes some of the best epoxy floor designs we have seen so far, homeowners and designers are sure to continue to innovate and create new and stunning designs.