How to Know Your Garage Floor Coating Will Last

How to Know Your Garage Floor Coating Will Last

3 Simple Questions to Ask Your Garage Flooring Contractor

Ever wonder why new garage flooring contractors seem to appear every year, but only a select few seem to keep working year after year?

It comes down to a few simple things.

Many contractors look at installing garage floor coatings as a way to make quick, easy money. It’s true. When you really love what you’re doing and know how to install a coating that lasts for years, there is money to be made in garage flooring.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for an unsuspecting homeowner to tell the difference between the installer who will be around for the long haul and the one who won’t be back next season.

Here are 2 Easy Questions to Ask Your Garage Flooring Contractor BEFORE You Commit:

1) What Equipment Will You Use to Prep My Floor, and Will You Own or Rent it?

The right equipment is key.

You’re looking for someone who takes their business seriously. Seriously, would you prefer someone renting a hand grinder and a shop vac or someone that comes equipped with a complete, dust controlled diamond grinding setup?

One contractor is keeping costs down for sure. The one I would hire owns the right equipment for the job.

Proper preparation is the single most important factor in installing a coating that will last. If the coating is able to sink deep into the concrete, it will hold on permanently. If it merely sits on top, it will fail. It is only a matter of time.

The right equipment is key.
2) What Products Will You Use and How Much of it?

Use the good stuff, and use enough.

All epoxy or polyaspartic is not created equal. You are looking for 100% solids epoxy, or high-solids polyaspartic. This simply means that more material is staying on the floor, rather than evaporating as the coating cures.

If one contractor is suggesting a DIY kit from a big box store, and another is bringing in speciality coating products by the pallet, which would you prefer?

Also check out how much product your installer plans to use.

Obviously, factors like temperature, humidity, and other job-specific factors can change product quantities slightly. What you are looking for is enough body on the floor to hold up to wear and tear.

A DIY kit might call for 3 gallons of product on a typical 2 car garage (500 square feet). This is enough for a prime or first coat. If you want your coating to give you years of life, you are looking for closer to 3 gallons on the first coat, and 4-5 gallons on the main coat. That builds enough of a coating to hold up to use.

Use the good stuff, and use enough.

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